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Yin & Ylang

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Yin & Ylang

Voluptuous ylang, jasmine, and tuberose brighten a creamy, woodsy base



Scent Description

Yin and Ylang is a feminine perfume with bright citrus topnotes, a luminous floral heart, and a cozy base of Mysore sandalwood, natural oakmoss, patchouli, amber, and musk. High in naturals, this scent features a beautiful floral blend of jasmine sambac absolute, tuberose absolute, and a special complete ylang oil. See the Perfumer’s Comments below for the story of the scent’s creation in collaboration with Cafleurebon.

Usage notes: Contains natural low-atranol oakmoss and natural citrus oils (blood orange and bergaptene-free bergamot); do not use if you suspect you have skin allergies to oakmoss or citrus. Citrus oils can increase skin sensitivity to the sun, so it is best not to use perfumes that contain citrus oils on areas of skin that are going to be in the sun. Citrus oils also age more rapidly, so store your bottles in a cool, dark spot and use within a year or two.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Perfumer’s Comments: Early in 2013, Michelyn Camen, Editor In Chief of Cafleurebon, asked our founder if she would be interested in working on her idea for a scent called Yin And Ylang. She had in mind a beautiful feminine scent that featured an ylang note and that had both yin and yang aspects to it. Our founder had experimented with several white floral ideas for a few years but had not finished them, so she looked forward to returning to the theme.

Our founder liked Michelyn’s idea of a soft floral scent that was classically beautiful. Although it has become a cliché to speak of the high quality of ingredients in perfumes, this formula lives up to that description; it is 92% natural with a base of organic grain alcohol and contains generous amounts of many precious materials such as rare Mysore sandalwood oil and a tuberose absolute that costs over $14,000 per kilo. The ylang oil is organic and is what is known as a complete oil rather than a fraction. The topnotes of ylang can be hard to work with, so our founder used some bright citrus oils to help transition into the floral heart. The moss and woods combine with musk, amber, and vanilla to create a soft but long-lasting base. The beeswax absolute adds a natural honeyed pollen note to the floral heart, and the damascones add bright fruity notes. Many thanks to Michelyn for the inspiration, concept, and name for this fragrance. You can read more about the scent development backstory on Cafleurebon.

Release Notes: Released March 2014.

Love letters from customers

6 reviews for Yin & Ylang

  1. Jessica

    Sonoma Scent Studio’s interpretation of ylang ylang is one of my favorites yet, because it skillfully showcases certain sides of the flower’s personality — the bright and lactonic aspects that I happen to like best! — by boosting or sustaining the ylang ylang with carefully chosen secondary notes.

  2. Nancy

    In film and in real life, femme fatales fascinate because of their juxtaposition of extreme femininity and aggressiveness, a trait we commonly think of as masculine. They are alluring but dangerous and that is a great part of their appeal. You might not think of yourself as a femme fatale, but Yin and Ylang will indulge your fantasies.

  3. Steve

    Yin & Ylang opens with a snappy bergamot and semi sweet blood orange, but quickly moves into with this very lovely and deepened fruitiness which then becomes moves even deeper revealing this ultra creamy and über sexy ylang ylang. For an opening, this is surprising as it’s weighted with a layered sheen of wax which seems to pour up from the depths below. Jasmine and tuberose take a back seat to the ylang ylang, but sit on the side revealing themselves after around ten minutes as the fragrance begins to lighten after its initial seduction. As the fragrance lightens, a hint of soured light sharpness (sandalwood?) begins to make an appearance. However, given another twenty minutes and the fragrance looses any hint of sharpness and the creamy florals really begin to project off my skin. The fragrance then blends so fluently with the base notes creating this dreamy and slightly honeyed backdrop for the exquisite florals. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I find Yin & Ylang to be sensual, yet very comforting at the same time.

  4. Gaia

    Yin and Ylang is a bewitched spring morning in a forest clearing. Soft rays of sun move slowly over the carpet of small yellow and white flowers that grow from the rich mossy soil and old wood debris. The light twinkles just so, making the scene feel fresh yet eternal. There’s no knowing how this day will unfold. Maybe it’ll be an ordinary one, maybe there’ll be magic.

  5. Victoria

    I like Yin and Ylang because it reminds me of vintage perfumes (i.e. Chanel No. 5 or Givenchy Amarige) but Yin and Ylang is less polished, easier to approach. Because of this, it feels more modern. If those vintages were clothes, they’d need special undergarments. This is more comfortable, looser fitting and breathable without skimping on any of the glamour. Yin and Ylang is like “cozy glamour”.

  6. Linda Michelle Slobodnyak (verified owner)

    I love this perfume and it is like nothing I have smelled before. There is a newness to it but yet it is familiar. It is bright, sunny and cheerful in the beginning of the fragrance but its dry down becomes very sensual and less of a sparkling citrus floral and a more animalic and musky one. The dry down is my favorite part of the fragrance. It smells like a man’s worn undershirt, not in a bad way, but it smells of the warmed skin of a man. I can’t explain it but once you smelled it Yin and Ylang is a perfume you can’t do w/out if you love sensual fragrances.

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