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Wood Violet

Wood Violet

Plumy violet on a musky cedar base



Scent Description

A beautiful combination of violet, plum, violet leaf, cedar, and musk. This scent opens with lush plumy violet notes and softens into violet on a musky woodsy base. Very soft spices enhance the warm woodsy drydown.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Our founder loved combinations of violet with cedar and wanted to do something along these lines with a more prominent and lasting violet note and with less sweet spice than the woodsy violet scents I’d tried. She liked the plum note as a way to brighten the scent and as a compliment to the violet.

Release Notes: Released May 2008.

Love letters from customers

4 reviews for Wood Violet

  1. Julie

    Plummy violet it is, without being heavy. Purple delicate faces shining in bunches on the forest floor, nestled on verdant hearts. Plum skin, smooth and sweetly tart keep the violets young and fresh. The solemn scent of cedar grounds the brightened violets. I feel beautiful when I wear this.

  2. Jennifer

    Wood Violet opens with one of the plum rich beginnings I have ever smelled in a perfume. This is a rich plum note, at full ripeness, the point where the honeyed flavor of a plums is the most intense. This opening stays around for quite awhile and yet what will catch you off guard is that violet comes in so smoothly, perfectly melding with plum that you are rather shocked when you realize it has fully taken over.

  3. Naomi

    Every time I inhale this one I feel transported to a woodland fairy realm – and that is a place I love to be.

  4. Simone

    How would you feel walking in an English forest, touching a bed of violet flowers? With one single whiff of Voile de Violette and you will know it! The fresh green-y notes of violet opens the nostrils and makes you smile. It is real, it is natural, it is luxurious!

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