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Winter Woods

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Winter Woods

Smoky, rich, woodsy amber



Scent Description

A cozy perfume featuring ambered woods with a touch of smoke, perfect for fall and winter. The long-lasting drydown of amber, woods, musk, and oakmoss is slightly sweet and gently smoky. One of our top three best-selling scents and a winner in the 2016 TasteTV Artisan Fragrance Awards. Customers say when they wear this scent people often stop them to ask what they are wearing and where they can buy it.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Many perfume afficionados love combinations of woods, amber, and smoke notes. For this scent, our founder wanted to create something gentler than Fireside Intense that captured the cozy aroma of sweet, smoky, woods on the winter air.

Release Notes: Released September 2008, updated with new low-atranol natural oakmoss in May 2009.

Winter Woods AwardWinter Woods received top honors in all five categories of the 2016 TasteTV awards, as well as the Silver Overall Judge’s Award. Judge and journalist Joann Natalia Aquino commented that “Sonoma Scent Studio’s fragrances are exquisite.”

Love letters from customers

6 reviews for Winter Woods

  1. Asoka

    Warm, yummy, comforting, slightly naughty. Wear it to bed type of fragrance, something to wear just for me. Some fragrances are just that- a personal pleasure. Winter Woods however, is as classy and inviting as it is personal and comforting. No question, I’d wear this on a date.

  2. Abby

    Winter Woods is a gentle, cozy & reflective sort of aroma. It seems perfectly suited for reading while lounging in your favorite chair by the fireplace.

  3. Ines

    As I live in a city, a perfume that can transport me for a walk in the fresh woods where you can even smell the resin from pines, well, is there a better way to refresh your Christmas day in the city? Or someone else’s?

  4. Felicia

    If you want to snuggle under the warmth of blankets, drink hot chocolate and talk of Christmas memories of the past, then Winter Woods Eau de Parfum will help you capture those memories with the warmth of its scent.

  5. Josie

    This perfume is an ode to every fantasy this citydweller has had about spending a white Christmas in a log cabin. I’ve always had a desire to spend Christmas by a fireplace, the smell of my kindling filling the air with a robust, thick smoke which would mix with my soft, ambered perfume. Winter Woods smells exactly like this fantasy. At once incredibly soft and almost charred, it straddles a fine line between the masculine and feminine. An incredible combination of guaiacwood, cedar, birch tar, cade, and labdanum lend Winter Woods its irresistible thick and resinous appeal – and a decidedly sexy leather aspect.

  6. Hollis

    One of my favorite perfumes. Smoky and dark, yet comforting. Perfect for a cold, snowy day…or night.

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