Voile de Violette

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Green violet with cedar, musk, and light fruity notes



Soft violet complemented by iris, cedar, vetiver, violet leaf, a touch of rose, myrrh, and tonka bean. Not a traditional sweet and powdery violet, but an unconventional violet fragrance with fresh aspects from the green violet leaf and woodsy additions from the cedar, vetiver, and tonka.

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7 reviews for Voile de Violette

  1. Sarah

    This is a different kind of violet, more modern than old-fashioned and I love it. It is juicy and full, where many violets are consumptive and bone dry, reminding me of little candied dried violets, not something which drinks in the sun and has liquid running through its veins. This fragrance captures a living violet, rounding out the ever-so-delicate scent with something cherry blossom-like and something that smells a bit jammy—not in a potted fruit sort of a way, but more like a freshly made jam that seems more like the fruit than a preserve.

  2. Abby

    Voile de Violette makes me swoon. This isn’t even my usual favorite kind of violet, it’s not dark or edgy but it’s so luscious, ripe and beautiful I can’t help myself. Voile de Violette makes me feel simply joyous when I wear it.

  3. Lucy

    This one has the fresh sweetness of violet hugged by the warmth of tonka and the other deeper base notes, which in turn come out to embrace the skin and wrap you in a veil of a fresh sweetness exhaled from the earth.

  4. Victoria

    Voile de Violette has a damp earthiness to it…a mix of dewy, green violet with dusty, cool orris.

    My other violets are little girls playing in their mommy’s expensive French makeup. This violet is a confident, badass woman with winged out black eyeliner. She’s a little more boho than her other violet classmates.

  5. Naomi

    It is fresh and romantic without being overly flowery.

  6. Maria (verified owner)

    I read the perfumer’s experience of the bottle of violet perfume from her childhood, and I had the same experience. This small bottle with gold leaf and violets and a ribbon had been my fascinating great grand aunt’s perfume. The violet scent remained in the bottle. The warm fruit violet in Voile de Violette is the closest I’ve come to smelling that again.

  7. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Violet scents always seem to work as anti-depressant aromatherapy for me. This perfume is no exception. It reminds me of the violet bubble bars that Lush comes out with for mother’s day. It’s earthy and mysterious, while having some sweetness to it. I can’t stop smelling it as I’m writing this review. I highly recommend this.

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