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Velvet Rose

(6 customer reviews)

Velvet Rose

Rich soliflore for the rose purist



Scent Description

A deep and velvety true rose soliflore that evokes a fresh-picked garden rose. Velvet rose features a heart of Damask rose accented by soft supporting notes of fresh bergamot and violet leaf, very subtle spicy carnation, woodsy musk, and a whisper of patchouli. For rose purists.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Who can resist the scent of a lush rose in full bloom. Some of our founder’s favorites for their fragrance are David Austin’s Shakespeare 2000 and Abraham Darby; the Bulgarian perfume rose Kazanlik; the old roses Fantin Latour, Souv. de Claudius Denoyel, and Madame Alfred Carrier; and the modern roses Mr. Lincoln, Angel Face, and Double Delight. Some roses have hints of citrus, spice, myrrh, or tea in their scent, and the wide variety is fun to experience. Our founder wanted Velvet Rose to be a soliflore that wasn’t too honeyed or vanillic, that had just a touch of green, and that captured some of the dewy freshness that makes roses special to rose lovers.

The variety of Rosa damascena called Kazanlik bears the same name as the city in the famous Rose Valley of Bulgaria where it is grown and harvested for rose absolute. Although it only flowers once each year, the blooming period lasts about a month and the bushes are heavily covered with heavenly scented flowers.

Centifolia roses are another very fragrant type used to make absolute and rose otto. Rose absolutes are produced in many places around the world, including Bulgaria, Morocco, India, France, Turkey, Egypt, and Russia. Bulgarian Rosa damascena absolute tends to be deep with a hint of spiciness while Moroccan tends to be slightly sweeter.

Release Notes: Released December 2007.

Love letters from customers

6 reviews for Velvet Rose

  1. Jennifer

    For the lovers of true rose, you know the kind, the one that is fresh, green, dewy, and reminds of rose gardens, consider Velvet Rose. Velvet Rose is a true rose and a lovely one. It is blatantly about rosiness and nothing else. The spice, zest, greenness, and dewiness of a rose at the height of its bloom are accentuated beautifully. The base is clean musk that is deepened with sandalwood, the rose is the shining star still, but wafts are akin to tea roses, and rosewater. If you want big glorious dewy rose then this is the scent for you.

  2. Victoria

    It’s a Damask rose soliflore that is excellent.

  3. Carol

    THE absolute closest to an enormous armful of fresh-cut, dewy, crimson roses I’ve ever smelled coming out of a bottle. It’s mostly blended high-quality rose essences with a bit of green patchouli to highlight those ruby-red roses. Simple, you say, but I’m positive that it took a lot of work to make those rose oils come alive. It’s parfum strength, so don’t overdo the spray.

  4. Handmade Finds

    Velvet Rose is a magnificent soliflore , which smells like a real red rose. It’s insane. Not only that, it’s incredibly clean and fresh and the notes dry down into a cozy clean and pleasurable sniffing experience.

  5. Samantha Andrews (verified owner)

    Many compliments on this perfume. Don’t need much, stays forever.

  6. Linda Michelle Slobodnyak (verified owner)

    Velvet Rose smells like my grandmother’s rose bushes. It is a truly perfect rose soliflore. If you a rose fragrance lover, you need a bottle of this and Sonoma Scent’s Rose Volupte. They are just rose heaven in a bottle!

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