Spiced Citrus Vetiver


Blood orange, vetiver, Mysore sandalwood, and soft spices



This all-natural perfume blends woodsy Sri Lanka and Indonesian vetivers with sweet, tangy blood orange and a spice accord of ginger, cinnamon, and clove. Jasmine sambac and precious osmanthus absolute round out the heart, while Mysore sandalwood, Virginia cedar, and vanilla provide grounding basenotes. The combination of vetivers with a generous amount of rare Mysore sandalwood provides a smooth, soft woodsy drydown. This is a different take on vetiver — gentle enough to wear when an unobtrusive scent is needed, but with special ingredients that appeal to the niche perfume lover. For women and men.

Usage notes: Citrus essential oils increase skin susceptibility to sunburn, so save this perfume for when you will be indoors and wear something else instead for a day in the sun. Also, natural citrus oils have a shorter shelf life than most other essential oils, so citrus perfumes should be used and enjoyed within a year.

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9 reviews for Spiced Citrus Vetiver

  1. Neil

    The overall effect of the scent is so optimistic and uplifting, with such a sense of inner equilibrium that, as with the studio’s Cocoa Sandalwood, you can feel your shoulders unstiffening, loosening; a scent perfect for a day alone at home when you feel that you need to compose and regain yourself.

  2. Lucas

    In the drydown on the creamy sandalwood bed lays a bunch of jasmine flowers. They’re very subtle and elegant, disappearing and reappearing once in a while. It’s sheer transparency make for a great perfume ending. Spiced Citrus Vetiver is a gorgeous thing.

  3. Brie

    Laurie’s usage of vetiver has been masterfully blended in an utterly unique way. The vetiver is subtle yet appears throughout this composition, constantly changing on my wrist. A gracefully executed fragrance that is perfect for both male and female fragrance wearers.

  4. Brie

    The perfumer has taken an unusual turn with vetiver, pairing it with a succulent blood orange and the soft florals of jasmine sambac and osmanthus absolute. Spiced Citrus Vetiver is rounded out with spices (ginger, cloves, cinnamon) with a gorgeous drydown of vanilla, cedar and (catch me while I faint!) Mysore sandalwood. This is the vetiver perfume that I MUST have in my fragrance wardrobe in regular rotation.

  5. Mark

    The Mysore sandalwood might just be the perfect modulator for vetiver as the sweet arid quality of it pulls out the woody depth of vetiver and allows it to be more prominent that it might usually be.

  6. Ayala

    Spiced Citrus Vetiver begins with a burst of blood orange and smooth warmth of Mysore sandalwood and a touch of very subtle woodsy spices. It is an unusually complex vetiver scent. It is refreshing and citrusy as you’d expect from such a name. At the same time it possesses a warmth that is not particularly spicy, but rather a sophisticated and woody-floral.

  7. Victoria

    Spiced Citrus Vetiver opens almost like a hard candy. It’s a ginger-orange that is sweet and tart. Spiced Citrus Vetiver starts to remind me of a fizzy ginger beer with a wedge of juicy blood orange. The dry-down is that sandalwood one often picks up in Sonoma Scent Studio (and one of the many reasons why the line is great). It’s a warm sandalwood-vetiver.

  8. Jordan

    The Natural Award
    – Sonoma Scent Studio Spiced Citrus Vetiver

  9. Lucas

    Bottle Award – the best natural perfume – Sonoma Scent Studio Spiced Citrus Vetiver

    This fragrance is a lovely concoction of the juicy smell of orange with a dry woody smell of vetiver.

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