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Rose Volupte

(6 customer reviews)

Rose Volupte

Voluptuous ambery, plumy rose



Scent Description

Rose Volupté is a luxurious plumy rose with a rich base of woods, amber, spices, and labdanum. A warm and long lasting ambery rose.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Rose Volupté came about as a reformulation of Vintage Rose. The labdanum used in Vintage Rose was no longer available, and while replacing it with the new labdanum our founder also made some other changes. She kept the plumy rose accord and ambery base, but removed the patchouli and coumarin, decreased a synthetic woodsy amber ingredient, added oakmoss and touches of aldehyde and heliotrope, and added four new floral ingredients.

Release Notes: Released December 2012.

Love letters from customers

6 reviews for Rose Volupte

  1. Jessica

    it’s a dusky, plummy rose surrounded by amber and woods. It’s a perfect cold-weather rose.

  2. Neil

    Rose Volupté, a huge, blowsy thing, belongs in this latter category of mine; roses with heart and soul, a big Valentine’s Day rose that is as rounded, enveloping as imaginable; powdery, effusive, diffusive: a tampy, musky pink rose of thick material: balanced – an undeceiving, happily direct perfume.

  3. Elisa

    This is still, simply, one of the most beautiful and complex rose perfumes in production.

  4. Elisa

    Rose Volupté is Valentine’s-Day red: still voluptuous, but now with a coquettish smile as well.

  5. Jennifer

    Rose Volupte starts off with an enveloping scent of roses, powder, lemon, and plum the vintage inspiration of this scent is announced immediately. The rose then becomes mildly spiced and then the enveloping final stage of rose, ambregris, and oakmoss. And truly this is the enveloping, imagine rich fabrics, and concerts. Very romantic and dramatic.

  6. Hollis

    I LOVE this rose scent. Good for winter…and even today, a coolish overcast Spring day, it is beautiful and deep. Plummy, dark…just gorgeous.

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