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Pacific Forest

Pacific Forest

Green needles, woods, earth, cozy amber



Perfumer's Secrets

Our founder wanted to create an all-natural version of the Forest Walk scent that she released in 2012, using similar natural wood notes but grounding them with a mellow all-natural amber base. This scent features prominent fir and hemlock spruce notes along with three kinds of cedar, pine, oakwood, oakmoss, and sandalwood. She chose to retain several synthetics at very low amounts because she felt that they were important to the scent, but the end result is still 99% natural. One such molecule is called geosmin, which is found in nature and is what gives the characteristic scent of damp earth; it is only needed in tiny amounts to have an effect.

West Coast forests have a distinctive scent that many find to be soothing. Forest therapy has become popular in some parts of the world!

Release Notes: Released 12/28/2015

Love letters from customers

6 reviews for Pacific Forest

  1. Julie

    Sonoma Scent Studio continues to be my gold standard for fragrance.

  2. Tammy

    Pacific Forest opens with a deep, rich hemlock spruce. It’s absolutely superb, very distinctive, and I have not experienced anything like it in any other fragrance. It is the hypnotic hemlock we were promised in Ormond Woman, the mysterious hemlock so sorely missing in Illamasqua Freak This one note captures the essence of the forest in a bottle. It’s breathtaking and I feel confident in predicting that you will be constantly lifting your wrist for another sniff!

  3. Michael

    This takes the wearer on a beautiful walk through the woods on a sunny day, invigorating, and gently warming. From the evergreens to the oaks, the resins and amber, it is a magnificent addition to her Naturals Collection.

  4. Trish

    Although the piney forest scent is most prominent in her Pacific Forest perfume, its amber base of labdanum and vanilla allows for a gentle backdrop, made a bit sweeter by heliotrope and violet. An earthiness is present too, as patchouli, frankincense and sandalwood fuse to create the scent of the forest ground being shuffled by one’s feet. Pacific Forest is an ideal feel-good fragrance for the cold days and nights that lie ahead.

  5. Mark

    Pacific Forest is the introvert’s version of the same walk taken in Forest Walk. This perfume puts you at a fork in the path and asks if you want to soar up into the branches or keep your feet on the ground.

  6. TasteTVArtisan Fragrance judge

    I am so impressed with Sonoma Scent Studio’s Pacific Forest. It starts off as a walk through a piney, woody, fresh Christmas tree pine forest, but then unfolds with unexpected sweetness and pulls you in with a creamy, butter dry down that is a delightful surprise. This is an inspired, utterly complex aroma experience.

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