Modern take on vintage floral chypre



This fragrance, inspired by the classic scents of the past, features aldehydic topnotes, a heart of precious jasmine, rose, and mimosa absolutes, and a base of Mysore sandalwood, natural oakmoss, violet leaf absolute, tonka, amber, vanilla, orris, and musk. Nostalgie dries down to a warm, lightly spiced amber and sandalwood base with soft floral accents. Fragrances today are rarely composed with so many fine naturals; the ingredients and the style rekindle memories of vintage perfumes.

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5 reviews for Nostalgie

  1. Dee

    Nostalgie smells of fine things. The image it paints for me is of a woman who is used to the finest of everything, but isn’t haughty or superior about it. She sees her privilege as an opportunity to do good, and we love her for it. A modern woman with an old-fashioned taste for masterfully artisan crafted things.

  2. Elena

    The base of Nostalgie is all billowy softness, like most of the latest SSS fragrances, falling on a fluffy duvet, with subtle leathery nuances (probably from the mimosa absolute itself) and a musky-creamy trail which is delicious. However the aldehydic floral element is at no moment completely lost (if you’re seriously aldehydic-phobic that might present a problem; if you’re an “AldeHo” as Muse in Wooden Shoes calls it, you’re all set). It is both long-lasting and drooling trail-worthy; it’s parfum strength after all. This is a scent to get you noticed and to be asked what perfume you’re wearing.

  3. Birgit

    Harking back to better days, Nostalgie is all I wish for in a perfume. Rich, nuanced, deep, high quality naturals, powerful and longwearing and, most importantly, very, very beautiful.

  4. Mark

    In Nostalgie by tempering both the animalic and the aldehydes Ms. Erickson has created something you want to hug and hold close, no worries about mussing up the hair.

  5. Anne-Marie

    In Nostalgie that afternoon is dimming. The sun has hardly slipped in the sky and yet as you glance away from the laughter of your friends you realise that suddenly the shadows are longer and the light has deepened to gold. Where I live this time is short-lived, as even in the summer the evenings are often cool.

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