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Lieu de Reves

Lieu de Reves

a floral woody musk fragrance



Scent Description

Lieu de Reves, or place of dreams, is a beautiful powdery perfume with soft floral notes of violet and rose on a base of heliotrope, tonka, cedar, vetiver, amber, vanilla, musk, and touch of orris. Soft rose notes and subtle aldehydes add elegance to the powdery accord. A feminine blend for powder and heliotrope lovers.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Our founder had this blend in mind for a long time, wanting to use violet, rose, and heliotrope in a powdery scent with a gourmand touch but with some soft woodsy notes and less vanilla than most scents of this genre. The heliotrope, rose, violet, and cedar make nice companions. Like most rose and violet combinations, this scent feels a bit romantic but the drydown is on the quiet and reflective side rather than being a full-blown floral.

Release Notes: Released February 2009

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