Jour Ensoleillé

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Late summer white florals with a mossy, musky base



Jour Ensoleillé (sunny day) marries a lively floral blend of orange blossom, tuberose, and jasmine with a soft woodsy, mossy base that is gently chypre in nature. Like the golden late summer sunshine as the season moves toward fall, Jour Ensoleillé warms your spirit with its uplifting blend of woods and florals. The woodsy base makes this fragrance appropriate for men as well as women, though the floral notes are prominent.

Note: Although Jour Ensoleillé contains orange blossom, it is not a clean and fresh kind of orange blossom scent; it has some jasmine that is moderately animalic, and it has a base rich with woods and mossy notes. It is best to sample first to be sure you like the earthier nature of this orange blossom scent.

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6 reviews for Jour Ensoleillé

  1. Carol

    I see Jour Ensoleille as a golden glow around a nexus of jasmine, beeswax, sandalwood and labdanum, with the other notes being decorative accents. It carries the nostalgic sweetness of summer coming to an end, or a beautiful day drawing to a close. The fragrance tends to last about six hours or more on my skin, but despite its Big White Florals, doesn’t radiate much, instead simply enveloping the wearer in that golden glow.

  2. Lucy

    Dessert first, but then an atmosphere that draws a cloak of sophisticated mental refinement around you that is supportive of work or some other disciplined and necessary activity.

  3. Sigrun

    There is orange blossom, flanked by its pals indolic jasmine and waxy tuberose. My very first thought was, this is one of those simple, cheery little things, perfect for simple-minded, cheery people, good for them (=I hate them) On next inhale I thought, hey, there is more! And there IS more, that bright and happy side is flanked by another side, dark, cool and just plain beautiful.

  4. Birgit

    A well blended triptych of jasmine, orange blossom and tuberose is glued with beeswax onto a mossy, dark green base. It smells sweet and round, but underneath the happy and flirty florals, lies a watchful, earnest and intelligent greenness.

  5. Suzanne

    WOW. An intensely indolic orange blossom/jasmine, a dollop of furry golden beeswax, balanced by the liquid-absinthe greenness of vetiver and oakmoss.

  6. Linda Michelle Slobodnyak (verified owner)

    I love this perfume. It is indole white floral heaven. It smells like the perfumes from the glory days of the 20th century when fragrances were animalic and had real feminine sex appeal and were not the watered-down shower scents that abound in today’s marketplace. This perfume has 2 sides (as all great perfumes that are serious should) the first side is a straightforward sunny, creamy lush white floral. Jasmine, tuberose, gardenias, and orange blossom flowers bloomed in all their glory and gently warmed by the sun. Then the dry down of the perfume is where the darker side takes over. Nature is both sunny, innocent and beautiful, but it is also dark, menacing and sad because to create life there must be death. In the dry down you get a hint of that feeling, that bittersweet sadness when flowers hit their peak and are at the starting point of their end. It smells joyful and melancholy at the same time and leaves you w/ conflicting emotions, that are pointe. It is amazing that you can feel all of this from a bottle of perfume but that is the power of smell and Sonoma Scent creates these feelings and more in their perfumes.

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