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Incense Pure

Incense Pure

Outdoorsy, ambery frankincense



Scent Description

Incense Pure is a resinous woodsy incense scent composed with indulgent amounts of natural oils. A lovely frankincense CO2 extract makes this a soothing and meditative choice for frankincense lovers. A dusky labdanum absolute and an incensy cistus fraction combine to form a delicious resinous ambery note, while a beautiful sandalwood helps ground the scent. Myrrh, patchouli, natural oakmoss, angelica root, orris, vanilla absolute, and elemi complement the natural incense theme. One of our three best-selling scents.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Our founder didn’t experience incense in church while growing up, so she didn’t discover her love for incense notes until she began to sample essential oils. She loved frankincense (olibanum) from the first sniff and wanted Incense Pure to be a very natural-smelling scent that highlighted olibanum, enhanced by resinous notes, sandalwood, and labdanum/cistus. Many people find it to be a dry and outdoorsy type of incense but with some fresh and airy aspects as well.

Release Notes: Encens Tranquille was released August 2007 and was discontinued when it no longer met IFRA regulations. Incense Pure was developed to replace ET and was released March 2010

Love letters from customers

5 reviews for Incense Pure

  1. Robin

    Bracing, outdoorsy incense scent with traces of woodsmoke. Wears perfectly in crisp fall weather; it reminds me of what fall smells like in northern New Mexico, and I do miss New Mexico.

  2. Mark

    a cross between campfire and incense as Incense Pure has a glowing heart of frankincense, smoky cistus, and myrrh. This is the most comforting of my favorite incense fragrances and it immediately makes me feel better every time I wear it.

  3. Kelly

    Incense Pure is, at long last, pure incense. No flowery excuses, no concessions to the uninitiated, just smooth and bronzy goodness for those of us who like to see a thin blue haze.

  4. Portia

    Incense Pure opens with vanilla and frankincense on my skin and these are the mainstay of the fragrance through its whole life, everything plays back up roles supporting the stars and making them look more interesting by being gorgeous but not overpowering at any time. It’s a completely harmonious ride through. The crisp woods, cool roots and salty sea air ambergris come and go, fade in and fade out. This is all about smokey resinous incense, sweet vanilla and towards the very end at about 5-6 hours I get the crackle and humus rich earthy depths oakmoss brings

  5. Ayala

    I love, love, love this take on incense that is like no other. There is the usual suspect – frankincense; yet it’s not Gothic like so many other incense scents are; but rather ambery, smouldering you with resin-y vapour of cistus labdanum and immortelle, which are as thick and sweet as honey, with that interesting herbaceous animlistic undertone.

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