Forest Walk


Summer walk in the woods with shy flowers along the path



Forest Walk was inspired by the scents of summer walks in the woods. It incorporates the earthy, mossy smells of the forest floor with tree bark, tree needles, and soft floral highlights. The ingredients include multiple natural woods — black hemlock, oak, western red cedar, New Caledonia sandalwood, fir balsam, and oakmoss — with notes of earth, roots, and hints of jasmine sambac and violet. Resinous benzoin, amber, and labdanum soften the woods and provide lasting power in the base. Forest Walk is high in natural ingredients and can be enjoyed in any season. For men and women.

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11 reviews for Forest Walk

  1. Mark

    Forest Walk succeeds as a woody wonderland right out of a hiking trail in Yosemite in the late afternoon and it is as breathtaking in its beauty as any view I had from the trail.

  2. Ida

    The forest is welcoming, the earth moist and yielding. You can feel the resins underfoot as they cling to the soles of your bare feet, tiny teardrops of the vital fluids these conifers so generously exude. The forest is a cathedral, there is no denying its spiritual power to uplift the flagging fervor. Tender mosses are secreted in the shadow of the gentle giants which populate these woods, woodlands which invade our dreams for both good and evil. The fairytale quality is undeniable:

  3. Gaia

    Forest Walk has the density of many natural perfumes, but it’s not opaque. Light and air move through it thanks to tiny delicate flowers growing on the edge of the path. As we walk deeper into the forest the resinous of bark and incense take over, adding warmth and a touch of sweetness. It’s a pleasure to wear and get just a little lost among the trees.

  4. Ayala

    Forest Walk unfolds with many phases, always revealing a different aspect of the forest: a branch there, a leaf there, and oh – have you noticed this patch of wild violets over there? It’s like a walk in a warm, needle-covered forest in summer (except, perhaps, for the violet patch), with oak trees and hanging moss adding a dry, tannin quality.

  5. Brenda

    Forest Walk opens with some bracing, turpentiney pine/fir notes, which I love. They make me want to open my mouth and throw back my head and take deep deep breaths of fresh outside air.

  6. Felicia

    This scent was not created just to give a mere glimpse into the woods…peering inside to get a hint of what it could possibly represent. No, Ms. Erickson immersed FOREST WALK into an actual adventure of being in the depth of the forest and experiencing with nature has to offer in its entirety.

    FOREST WALK is dewy, serene, spiritual, magical, beautiful and colorfully scented.

  7. Robin

    It’s brisk but deep, and as advertised, beautifully earthy, and it has a meditative quality that’s perfect for chilly fall evenings.

  8. Gaia

    Irresistible even for a city girl.

  9. Victoria

    Forest Walk becomes more of a perfume than a place. It’s like expensive french perfume meets the forest.

  10. Sheila

    Forest Walk completely took my breath away.

    Laurie sought to recreate the sensation of a summer walk in the forest, with the scent of sun-warmed earth, bark, needles and an underlying pulse of flowers, and just as she might have hoped, she succeeded brilliantly.

  11. Robin

    An outdoorsy option, and just what the name implies. Brisk, earthy, comforting, and bonus points for being affordable.

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