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Fig Tree

Fig Tree

Green fig, cedar, and creamy musk


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Scent Description

Fig Tree has notes that represent the tree’s leaves, fruit, and wood; it opens with the very green leaves, then moves into the creamy fruity notes in the perfume’s heart, then evolves in the drydown as the woods emerge. Notes include green fig, cedar, creamy lactones, vanilla, tonka, and musk. Although it’s a great scent for summer, it’s also nice during the transition seasons of fall and spring, and it can offer a welcome reminder of summer anytime of year.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

Many fig scents have strong coconut notes from the creamy lactones that are often used in fig accords. In Fig Tree, I chose to minimize the coconut rather than to accentuate it. I envisioned a perfume that would evoke the various aspects of a fig tree in summer, with green, fruity, creamy, and woodsy notes.

Love letters from customers

10 reviews for Fig Tree

  1. Liz

    Complex, earthy, spicy, just a bit sweet–that’s the kind of woman I am and Fig Tree opens up upon wearing to include all of these elements. It is a wonderful, fresh & green, sweet & rich, multifaceted fragrance.

  2. Victoria

    Fig Tree is a time and a place fragrance.

    Fig tree opens with crushed green leaves. The fragrance is very green and fresh. An astringent cedar intensifies the “crispness” of Fig Tree. You know how some cedars are dirty and warm? This one isn’t. This cedar is crisp, sharp and very astringent. When you smell Fig Tree, you feel like you are outside. There’s a bit of milkiness peeking through…the fig fruit. The dry-down is the tree bark. It’s woody, warm and soft.

  3. Victor

    Here you really get a beautiful, austere fig tree scent with ripe figs ready to be harvested. The smells of leafy greenness, woodiness, and unique fig fruitiness in this scent are naturally proportionate to a real fig tree and in that order. The touch of creamy coconuty vanilla makes this scent extra comforting to wear.

  4. Jennifer

    Fig Tree is one of the most sophisticated fig scents I have ever tried. It is so well rounded and polished, I don’t want to use the word glamorous to describe it but worldly and intellectual come to mind with this scent. This is a scent that perfectly sits in between autumnal and summery, which is precisely when figs are the best here.

  5. Portia

    Interestingly Fig Tree opens with a fig and choc/patchouli. While I am smelling the fruit and tree of the fig it’s the fruit that stands front and centre. I’ve never had a chocolate covered fig but now I feel as if I have. It’s interesting, different and happily surprising.

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