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Hay, leather, and woods with topnotes of apple and grass



Scent Description

With top notes of apple and grass, heart notes of leather, hay, and violet, and base notes of sandalwood, cedar, moss, and light amber, Equestrian is an outdoorsy yet civilized take on a hay and leather theme. Filtered sunlight streams through the barn’s hay room, well-oiled saddles and bridles hang in the tackroom, horses graze on crisp grass in the pasture, and riders arrive with apple treats in their pockets for their four-legged friends. Equestrian has a cozy drydown with good lasting power and soft sillage.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

The scents of hay, grass, and leather have very good associations for our founder because she spent most afternoons of her youth at a nearby barn, riding and also working at the barn to help earn her horse’s keep. She have always thought that it would be fun to build a scent around an equestrian theme, using hay absolute as a major player. When a sample of a lovely new leather accord arrived in her hands late in 2015, she knew it was time to work on this idea.

Release Notes: Equestrian was released in June 2016.

Love letters from customers

10 reviews for Equestrian

  1. Deadidol

    ….a gripping hay and apples combo

  2. Lauryn

    Equestrian is a winsome but refined composition, more evocative of a young Elizabeth Taylor grooming her beloved gelding in National Velvet than of any risqué behavior with the stable boy.“A horse is the projection of peoples’ dreams about themselves – strong, powerful, beautiful – and it has the capability of giving us escape from our mundane existence, writes Australian poet Pam Brown.

  3. Ida

    Equestrian is an elegant, wearer-friendly hay/leather perfume. It is effortlessly comfortable and comforting, chic enough to don for a formal event, yet fully natural-feeling and authentic.

    There are precious few ‘wear anywhere’ perfumes about, and this one of them.

  4. Lucas

    Equestrian is a lovely composition. It’s good to have such perfume as this one – a little bit more dirty but still quite sophisticated. Just by smelling it you can tell that perfumer Laurie Erickson has a great passion for horses. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been able to make such a realistic interpretation. Well done!

  5. Elisa

    Equestrian is a delicious woody apple scent done in golden hues, like a sun-dappled hayride through an apple orchard. To me, it’s completely successful in a way that resists analysis – I hate to break down the notes, but rather just want to lie back and enjoy the atmosphere.

  6. Ida

    Laurie Erickson demonstrates so poignantly what it’s like to mingle with horses and well-oiled tack, harnesses and saddles: sun-dappled hay, the aroma of apples/the cider house, the sensitive shivering of your steed beneath your fingertips. It’s so evocative, faithful and easy to wear. A real pleasure.

  7. Victoria

    Sonoma Scent Studio Equestrian is rich, golden, slightly boozy, and has quickly become my favorite apple scent.

  8. Julie

    This one is a real dream. If you have an affinity for leather, please do yourself a favor and sample this beauty.

  9. Undina

    That apple accord and benzoin give perfume just enough sweetness to put Equestrian on the border of gourmand territory – or maybe even slightly into it but not overwhelmingly so. The leather is smooth and subtle. And the rest of ingredients together paint a harmonious picture.

  10. Ida

    Nature lovers everywhere appreciate the veracity it evokes: sun-dappled fields of hay, a wealth of coumarinic goodness and so complex; the apple accord resembles a French natural apple melange redolent of the ciderhouse. Leather is inferred and suave, elegant as a well-oiled bridle. The fullness of jasmine sambac and violet play well off of drier woods and grassy tones – along with the loamy whisper of patchouli which rounds out our painting of this pastoral scene. Its longevity will surprise you: long after you’ve forgotten its presence, it will re-emerge throughout the day. It smells just right, every time you anoint yourself.

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