Cocoa Sandalwood

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Sandalwood with a touch of dry dark cocoa and creamy lactone



This all-natural woodsy gourmand will please lovers of natural sandalwood. A luscious cocoa absolute melds with New Caledonia sandalwood absolute, spices, and a lactonic natural peach note. Vanilla and a subtle hint of coffee make the chocolate richer, while woodsy cedar and musky ambrette seed reinforce and complement the sandalwood. For women and men.

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11 reviews for Cocoa Sandalwood

  1. Mark

    I love the smell of dry cocoa powder and the cocoa absolute reminds me of the finest quality powder I own. In the first moments of Cocoa Sandalwood this fine rich powder skirls across my senses. There is a faint hint of some spiciness courtesy of clove and cinnamon but it is rich dark cocoa until the olfactory barista delivers a shot of coffee. The coffee turns it much richer and decadent. The sandalwood from the Pacific Island of New Caledonia brings back the dryness and this begins to turn into a creamy decadent experience.

    Cocoa Sandalwood is a brilliant debut of the Sonoma Naturals line

  2. Neil

    The sequoias I ‘saw’ originated, I imagine, in the significant dose of Cedar Virginia that opens the perfume, giving the richer, more oozy New Caledonian sandalwood a solid backbone through which a slow, warm sap of cocoa absolute, cinnamon bark, coffee, rose, clove, vanilla and ginger rises slowly, the sandalwood gradually thickening in generosity, expanding and revealing its wise, sagacious depths. Soothing, comforting, with an excellent equilibrium between savoury and sweet, the perfume helped me, finally, to sleep.

  3. Gaia

    In theory, Cocoa Sandalwood is a rich gourmand. All the foody elements are there: exquisite dark chocolate, aromatic black coffee, heady spices; but the sophistication of the fragrance is such that instead of screaming “Eat Me!” it makes me want to roll in it catnip-style.

  4. Brie

    Cocoa Sandalwood perfume contains generous amounts of New Caledonian sandalwood, natural peach lactones, spices and a deep, dark chocolate note. It is the quintessential grown-up gourmand scent and is truly a delicious olfactory delight.

  5. Trish

    Cocoa Sandalwood is one of the most dynamic fragrances I have experienced in a long time. It moves through its stages with a quiet force that is palpable, alluring, and in the end, becomes an intimately beautiful sandalwood fragrance.

  6. Lucas

    The aroma is quite appetizing, like a plate of sweet slices of peach for a dessert. In the drydown one can recognize some roses, their style is vintage and their petals are dark red. Ambrette makes a soft, mellow base that makes Cocoa Sandalwood stay on my skin for almost entire day. This perfume is an effervescent gourmand that should satisfy chocomaniacs and fans of foody scents. Want a bite?

  7. Amer

    In Cocoa Sandalwood, the sacred ingredient has been rendered human, or rather, that aspect of it, the humble and comforting has been highlighted. Its gravity morphs into a human presence, supportive and caring. While you close your eyes, your surroundings awaken. A hint of coffee from the cup you have in front of you suddenly smells sweeter. Something vaguely floral reaches you from the living room.

    You live in an ordinary corner of the world but during moments like this, a hidden place can be found even for that aforementioned temple to exist in the city of concrete. You are renewed and so is the world…

  8. Ayala

    Cocoa Sandalwood smells more cedar-y at first, with only the slightest dusting of bitter cocoa powder underneath. The sweetness, true to Laurie Erickson’s signature style, comes from rose, as well as fruity and milky natural peach lactone. Ambrette seed contributes a musky yet wine-like quality that beautifully complements the subtle rose as well as supports the luxurious aspects of sandalwood, and vetiver further contributes to the nutty quality ambrette an the woodsy theme of the perfume. The spices, though sprinkled throughout the perfume’s phases, are never really noticeable, but rather add warmth and depth to the composition.

  9. Gaia

    Best 2013: A very grown up chocolate perfume, creamy and smooth, yet not too sweet.

  10. Mark

    New Caledonian Sandalwood wraps it in spices and dusts it with arid cocoa powder. When people tell me natural perfume can’t have depth and richness I hand them my bottle of this to end that conversation.

  11. Lari (verified owner)

    I had ordered a sample or two of this from Laurie when it first came out and loved it. The chocolate is dark chocolate, somewhat dry, love the coffee and creamy tone to the composition. I am in NYC and today is our first rainy miserable weather type day in a long while. I had bought a travel size months ago and so glad I did. Put it on this a.m. and comfort,, cozy, just lovely all at once. A mood lifter. My husband loves it on me as well. Thank you for this winner.

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