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Champagne de Bois

Champagne de Bois

Sparkling topnotes with rich, ambery sandalwood


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Scent Description

Champagne de Bois is an effervescent perfume with sparkling aldehydic topnotes, a touch of spicy clove, and a rich, woodsy base composed of sandalwood, amber, labdanum, and vetiver. It’s long-lasting with lovely sillage.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

When making Champagne de Bois, I started with a sweet, spicy, woodsy accord that I wanted to flesh out into a full perfume. I found that blending it with several aldehydes really made it sparkle, and thus the idea for Champagne de Bois was born. Please note that this perfume is quite rich with a lot of oomph and is not for those who like a soft skin scent.

Love letters from customers

15 reviews for Champagne de Bois

  1. Ayala

    This modern interpretation of the woody-aldehydic-floral genre is beautifully orchestrated with a strong retro feel, yet bolder. It’s smooth, seamless and endearing with a texture reminiscent of ripples in silk satin sheath.

  2. Joshua

    Golden amber rays
    Flood a dungeon flamed with light
    Filled with sacred woods

  3. Ayala

    Champagne de Bois highlights woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver and brings the smooth, precious-wood sweetness out of them with frankincense and amber.

  4. Elisa

    Champagne de Bois is one of my favorite fall-into-winter scents. It has marvelous sillage and smells terrific on scarves and coat sleeves (where traces will linger all season).

  5. Ida

    Champagne de Bois explodes with a vibrant cocktail of blindingly scintillant aldehydes which whinny in on their own chariot, heralding a profoundly spicy woody fragrance with appreciably less floralcy than Chanel. Laurie makes vetiver sing in a rich baritone, a vibrating cello accompaniment which enlivens the perfume’s balsamic coloration. It’s an orchestral piece with a lingering drydown, a sort of fragrant Beethoven full of emotion.

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