Champagne de Bois


Sparkling topnotes with rich, ambery sandalwood



Champagne de Bois is an effervescent perfume with sparkling aldehydic topnotes, a touch of spicy clove, and a rich, woodsy base composed of sandalwood, amber, labdanum, and vetiver. It’s long-lasting with lovely sillage.

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15 reviews for Champagne de Bois

  1. Gaia

    Every compliment I’ve received on a perfume lately has been because of Champagne de Bois from Sonoma Scent Studio. Of course, it might also have something to do with wearing this fragrance very often (well, often for me), which is also an indication for a serious love and a really really good perfume.

  2. Mark

    It is a fireworks display slightly citrusy, slightly floral and nose-ticklingly pleasant throughout. Once the champagne goes flat and the aldehydes die down what is left is clove and amber swirling together with sandalwood and vetiver. This is champagne done the American way full of brash bravado over a solidly strong base.

  3. Lavanya

    As many people have pointed out, this perfume is reminiscent of Chanel Bois des Iles (the beginning also reminds me of Givenchy Organza Indecence). However, I find my decant of the recent Les Exclusifs version not as satisfying as I remember it being. But where Bois des Iles doesn’t satifsy, Champagne de Bois steps in. It is chewy and thick and the sandalwood note is swoon-worthy.

  4. Victoria

    Bubbling aldehydes over brut, dry spices and the richest sandalwood. It’s like a woodsy champagne. It’s great stuff and unisex.

  5. Dave

    When I hear the word “Champagne”, I can’t help but think of frivolity and a certain degree of lightheartedness. You will not get either with Champagne de Bois. What you will get however is a terrifically tenacious scent reeking of ambery dew and spicy wood.

  6. Kathy

    Champagne de Bois is an aldehydic delight, happily effervescent, yet grounded by spice and woods.
    Aldehydes + clove is really an astoundingly wonderful combination that turns a wintery, warmly
    spicy note into something less dark and more exhilarating. I feel happy wearing this scent,
    reveling in the juxtaposition of bright and dark and especially in the bold muskiness of it all.

  7. Abby

    Champagne de Bois is an absolute gem of a woodsy perfume. CdB is delightfully smoooooth, I could wear this very often.

  8. Birgit

    Champagne de Bois is a scent that makes me happy. It radiates good cheer and a positive outlook, without a “fake smile” effect.

    Champagne de Bois is a walk through a sun-light dappled forest in fall. You hear the leaves crunching underfoot and the air is fresh and cool. The sun is still powerful, but it doesn’t hit you over the head like in summer, it caresses your cheek.

  9. Victoria

    Champagne de Bois opens with brut aldehydes and citrus that bubbles like champagne. The effervescence is accented by a pretty floral spice. I noticed the sandalwood within 10 minutes. It’s rich. The heart is a spicy amber-sandalwood. And the scent remains linear in this way. It wears as a wonderfully spicy, warm, woodsy fragrance. This is one of my favorite sandalwood perfumes.

  10. Dee

    The comfort scent to rule all comfort scents. I met a man who insisted that it was a “magic potion.” It hits the spot every time.

  11. Ayala

    This modern interpretation of the woody-aldehydic-floral genre is beautifully orchestrated with a strong retro feel, yet bolder. It’s smooth, seamless and endearing with a texture reminiscent of ripples in silk satin sheath.

  12. Joshua

    Golden amber rays
    Flood a dungeon flamed with light
    Filled with sacred woods

  13. Ayala

    Champagne de Bois highlights woody notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and vetiver and brings the smooth, precious-wood sweetness out of them with frankincense and amber.

  14. Elisa

    Champagne de Bois is one of my favorite fall-into-winter scents. It has marvelous sillage and smells terrific on scarves and coat sleeves (where traces will linger all season).

  15. Ida

    Champagne de Bois explodes with a vibrant cocktail of blindingly scintillant aldehydes which whinny in on their own chariot, heralding a profoundly spicy woody fragrance with appreciably less floralcy than Chanel. Laurie makes vetiver sing in a rich baritone, a vibrating cello accompaniment which enlivens the perfume’s balsamic coloration. It’s an orchestral piece with a lingering drydown, a sort of fragrant Beethoven full of emotion.

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