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Ambre Noir

Ambre Noir

Dark, labdanum-rich amber with rose and incense.


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Scent Description

Dusky labdanum is at the heart of this rich and sultry scent, with cedar and sandalwood in the base and subtle deep rose weaving between the woods. Accents of smoky agarwood, light incense, dry vetiver, and soft leather complete the composition. For those who enjoy the dark side of amber.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

I love labdanum and wanted Ambre Noir to highlight labdanum in the context of a dark, rich, woodsy, and smooth amber perfume. Working with labdanum absolute is a delight to the senses; it’s a thick golden substance with a wonderful musky, woodsy, amber aroma. I held the vanilla in Ambre Noir to a minimum and added interest and complexity to the labdanum with woods, incense, moss, and subtle leather.

Love letters from customers

10 reviews for Ambre Noir

  1. FeralJasmine

    This one is based on labdanum, one of my favorite notes, with plenty of amber along for the ride. Oakmoss and spice notes are present, but subtle. I would swear that there’s a subtle touch of vanilla; perfumer Laurie Erickson refers to a minimal amount of vanilla in the write-up, but doesn’t list it among the notes. This one is rich and elegant to wear, and I have frequently worn one spray to work, but I apply a full hour before arriving at my workplace. It makes me feel sexy, warm, and comfortable, a good feeling all around.

  2. Ida

    Ambre Noir is as richly complex, as elegantly brocaded and baroque as one could wish, not mere raw jagged olfactory cacaphony. I cherish its darkly voluptuous character, equally suited to man or woman. It is symphonic in nature, chockablock with the finest components and a very high percentage of naturals in mixed media scent. It may be classified as an eau de parfum, but I doubt you’ll find perfumes possessed of such high concentration [20-24%] and longevity.

  3. S. Elizabeth

    Ambre Noir from Sonoma Scent Studio is dense and intense and the darkest amber you could ever hope to meet. Both somber and smoldering, with notes of labdanum, rose, incense, moss, leather, and woods, it is a blackened forest fireside frolic when the veil between worlds is thinnnest. See also: the final moments in the film The VVitch.

  4. Julie

    Sonoma Scent Studio Ambre Noir garnered me a few compliments when I wore it to work not too long ago. With notes of amber, labdanum, rose, woods and incense, this fragrance unfolds in seductive yet cozy layers.

  5. Julie

    Perfumes I am loving this fall: Sonoma Scent Studio’s Equestrian, Ambre Noir and Pacific Woods

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