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Amber Incense

Amber Incense

Labdanum, frankincense, soft fruits and florals


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Scent Description

Amber Incense is a beautiful woodsy incense for lovers of natural perfumes. A long-lasting frankincense note runs through the entire scent, while warm ambery base notes gently ground it. Spices, florals, and fruity notes round out the heart. Sichuan pepper adds a lovely topnote and natural damascenone provides a bright plumy note. The scent has soft sillage but excellent lasting power for an all natural.

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Fragrance notes

Perfumer's Secrets

I enjoyed creating this natural incense without the synthetic ambers, woods, and musks that are mainstays in most incense fragrances. Despite the all-natural formula, I wanted the scent to have good lasting power without feeling too heavy. A co-distillation of frankincense with cedar helps create a long-lasting incense note, and a combination of resinous notes creates a long-lasting base.

Love letters from customers

7 reviews for Amber Incense

  1. Lucas

    “Soothe your spirit with this warm & meditative blend” describes it ideally.

  2. Joann Natalia Aquino

    Top Judges’ Selection 2016: Amber Incense

    Sonoma Scent Studio’s fragrances are exquisite.

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