Amber Incense


Labdanum, frankincense, soft fruits and florals



Amber Incense is a beautiful woodsy incense for lovers of natural perfumes. A long-lasting frankincense note runs through the entire scent, while warm ambery base notes gently ground it. Spices, florals, and fruity notes round out the heart. Sichuan pepper adds a lovely topnote and natural damascenone provides a bright plumy note. The scent has soft sillage but excellent lasting power for an all natural.

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7 reviews for Amber Incense

  1. Mark

    This is a softer more intimate perfume. Amber Incense is the epitome of this aesthetic as it feels like it is a second skin of resinous richness. i didn’t think it was possible for me to like an incense fragrance more than Incense Pure; Amber Incense is giving it a run for its money.

  2. Julie

    The deep golden copper juice tells the story from the start. Frankincense bold and kingly herald the opening, with a honey sweetness sweeping in behind. And ultimately that is what this scent reminds me of, honey and incense. Viscous, holding a drop of sunlight in its belly. As it dries down, a soft cedar note materializes, all the while holding onto the golden frankincense honey. I will be buying this again. It is too beautiful to pass up.

  3. Gaia

    Amber Incense is like coming home on a dreary rainy day into a softly lit room where the smell of a freshly baked plum cake dominates the space. Putting on said slippers and sitting in a favorite spot next to a cuddly cat or three, watching the shadows outside become longer until the trees outside are enveloped in darkness, you get a feeling of well-being that warms you from the inside out. You want to bask in it and immerse yourself in this golden happiness, and even the pile of books on the side table doesn’t pull you away from being in the moment, inhaling the various aromas of indoors, outdoors, damp, toasty, furry, and woody. This is what pleasure smells like.

  4. Victor

    Sonoma‘s Amber Incense, an all natural, powerful, concentrated perfume that can rival any extraits and it lasts for many many hours.

    On first wearing, you might think you are just wearing amber and incense, because the spice, rose, oakmoss, resins are so packed tightly together, it takes some time for your nose to slowly unravel this Pac Man Power Pellet, and while you are doing that, you are invincible.

  5. Victoria

    Amber Incense opens with a fruitiness paired with honeyed sweetness that reminds me of cherry pipe tobacco. It then turns into a spicy, honeyed tobacco. Then it becomes true to its name. It wears as a smoky blend of amber incense. The resins are dry and golden. Frankincense is the most prominent of the resins on my skin. They dry-down reminds me of the brand’s Incense Pure; however, Amber Incense is sweeter with benzoin and a balsamic vanilla. Like Incense Pure, this is smoky without ever smelling like smoke. Amber Incense showcases naturally sweet, honeyed incense resins with cedar.

    Amber Incense has a warm, comforting feel. As corny as this sounds, it’s like the perfume equivalent of getting a hug when you need it the most.

  6. Lucas

    “Soothe your spirit with this warm & meditative blend” describes it ideally.

  7. Joann Natalia Aquino

    Top Judges’ Selection 2016: Amber Incense

    Sonoma Scent Studio’s fragrances are exquisite.

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