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At Sonoma Scent Studio, we offer exquisite artisan fragrances handcrafted in small batches with high levels of beautiful natural ingredients.

These fragrances not only make you smell magnificent….they also transport you to experiencing your most treasured scent memories every day.


The original Mixed Media collection, including popular favorites: Incense Pure, Tabac Aurea, and Winter Woods.


A new and growing collection of 100% natural fragrances that highlight unique botanical ingredients.

What customers are saying

Every compliment I've received on a perfume lately has been because of Champagne de Bois from Sonoma Scent Studio.
Complex, earthy, spicy, just a bit sweet--that's the kind of woman I am, and Fig Tree opens up upon wearing to include all of these elements.
Forest Walk unfolds with many phases, always revealing a different aspect of the forest: a branch there, a leaf there, and oh - have you noticed this patch of wild violets over there?

Our ingredient guarantee

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We use many beautiful natural ingredients either alone (in the Naturals Collection) or with carefully chosen synthetics (in the Mixed Media Collection)

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Lasting power

Most of the mixed media scents have excellent lasting power. Natural ingredients tend to have shorter lasting power — so adjust the amount you use.

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No additives

Rich colors in our scents come from deeply colored natural ingredients. No colorant dyes, preservatives, or sunscreens. Our scents are free of phthalates and denaturants.

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Animal friendly

We do not use animal-derived ingredients, with the exception of beeswax absolute. No natural animal musk, castoreum, or civet.

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